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You dream, we make it happen! Whether it is a minimalistic living space or a statement in luxury, a first home or a weekend getaway or even an ageing beauty that needs a facelift, go ahead, share your vision with us and see it transform into reality.


If work is worship, we’re here to build to the temples dedicated to your passion. With superior design elements, layouts that stand out, compatible lighting solutions, each of our work spaces is tailor-made with attention to the last micro-detail to bring out the best in you and your employees. We’d like to boast about our extensive portfolio that includes offices, spas, jewellery stores, boutiques, hotels, clinics, and much more, but we’d rather call them our labours of love.


You shop on the high streets of London, but you also fill your bags with local labels on every annual trip? You trip on bagels and burgers in New York, but ‘dabeli’ tickles your tastebuds like nothing else. You call Ahmedabad and New Jersey home. For the global Gujarati who is still ‘desi’ at heart, we make sure you get the best of all words. Book an appointment with us for bespoke residences –where luxury meets old-world charm, where glamour meets graceful living.


You have your dream home. Now, let’s complete the canvas with a splash of green, a burst of colour. Whether it is a sprawling expanse or a little handkerchief, we’ll help you reimagine your outdoors so that you can come back to your little bit of paradise in the urban jungle. Pssst, we’d like to let you in on a little secret…We are experts in rooftop gardens too!